So…you have an idea; what are you going to do about it?

Casual Panache, Inc. CEO and Click n Curl inventor Kim Nimsgern discovered the idea for the Click n Curl purely by accident. Her idea was genius; Click n Curl was new, innovative and useful – and it took off immediately. Today, Click n Curl does business in more than 14 countries across the globe.

But she had help along the way to make her dream a reality. Many people lent a hand in the development of Click n Curl, and now, we want to pay it forward!

We’re on the hunt for more “accidental inventors” like Kim, or anyone with an ingenious, marketable idea that represents the creative spirit of Casual Panache.

Do you have a great new product idea? You’re in the right place. 

If you would like help realizing your dream, consider being added to Casual Panache Inc‘s product line! We’d love to hear your idea!

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Meet Kim, the inventor of Click n Curl. She is looking for inventors like herself! "Do you have a great idea? Let's work together!"

Kim Nimsgern, inventor of Click n Curl
She is looking for inventors like herself!
“Do you have a great new product idea? Let’s work together!”

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