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Styl Styk 

The next big hair trend might just give you flashbacks to middle school. The zig zag part is back in style thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner and while you know all too well it’s not new, little girls everywhere are obsessed! Introducing the Styl Styk- the two-pronged hairstyling comb that is so easy to use, young girls can even practice their independence and do it “all by themselves.”
The best part? Besides the affordable price tag, you’ll want to get one for yourself, momma, as the zig zag part hides those darkening roots! (Score!)

Check out all these styling Style Styk possibilities:

Small Z | Medium Z | Large Z | OffSet Part | Volume |

Hints for maximum styling results

  • The Styl Styk works best when both tips make contact with your scalp
  • Be sure to separate your hair from the top to tip when completing your style
  • Use styling products after using the Styl Styk
  • For very thick and curly hair, try using the Styl Styk on wet hair to improve results
  • Before you start tips