Click n Curl Single Barrel & Clip ($7.65 each)

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Add as many single brushes, any size, as you want for $7.50 each.

Need just a few barrels? You’re in the right place!

Brush Sizes: 

  • Extra-Small; Discontinued
  • Small; 1.25 inches in diameter; Suitable for hair 3 – 7 inches long
  • Medium: 1.75 inches in diameter; Suitable for hair 7 – 11 inches long
  • Large: 2.25  inches in diameter; Suitable for hair 11 – 15 inches long

To choose your Click n Curl barrels:

You may create any configuration of brush sizes.
Select a brush size from the drop-down menu and then designate a quantity for each brush size.
Once you have all the barrels you want, click on “add to cart“.

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Click n Curl Blowout Brushes with detachable barrels are the secret to a glamorous salon quality blowout (a style that is synonymous with royalty, models, movie stars and socialites) complete with amazing volume and stunning, loose following curls.

This unique styling tool is as easy to use as a conventional round brush but produces superior results and can cut your hair styling routine in half.

The key to Click n Curl’s long-lasting style is the ceramic-coated detachable barrels, which heat up with a hair dryer and then remain in the hair to cool.

Holding the desired shape until your hair has completely cooled is what sets the curl and creates results that last.

Unlike other styling tools that require you to dry first then style, Click n Curl allows you to dry and style at the same time, producing simply remarkable results.


  • Ceramic/aluminum brush barrels may be hot during use with a blow dryer. Avoid touching a heated brush barrel to the skin.  Allow to cool before handling.
  • When using Click n Curl, do not place hair dryer directly on the brush barrel, brush bristles or the hair.  This could result in damage to the brush and/or the hair.  The heat source should be a minimum of 2 in. / 5 cm away from the brush barrel and remain in constant motion to avoid excessive, constant, direct and prolonged heat on the hair.
  • Click n Curl is not suitable for extremely long hair. Please do not attempt to use this product if your hair is longer than 15 inches.



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1 review for Click n Curl Single Barrel & Clip ($7.65 each)

  1. Angela Bartly

    I love that I can add individual barrels to my collection! One large for the top of my head/crown is all I need. 🙂

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