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Hair Goals for 50 Year Olds Blog Post Graphic

Hair Goals for 50 Year Olds

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Being the creator of Click n Curl, I am surrounded (literally) by hair every second of my day. Hair products, hair trends, hair goals. Even unfamiliar women come to me to talk about their hair. The funniest thing: I am not a hairstylist. I’m just an average woman that wants great hair and had a good idea for a great hair styling tool (wink wink).

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The Secret Confessions of Pro Hairstylists

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We all know that feeling.  The one that empowers us with newfound confidence after a visit to our personal hairdresser.  The same exact one that makes us feel like we can take on the world just because our beautiful and bouncy hair is no match for the elements.

… And then comes that next feeling.  It’s the deep longing for your yesterday hair and the anticipation for your next appointment.  But do not fret much longer, lovelies.  We took the initiative to ask our dear hairstylists exactly how they transform our Plain Jane hair into tresses fit for a queen.

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