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Best way to protect your hair from heat damage: style with Click n Curl!

By March 30, 2015July 27th, 2015Blog
Fried hair is gross!

Don’t fry your hair! Click n Curl can prevent heat damage.

Don’t fry your hair! 

Dr. Oz and many other health and hair care experts warn against “frying” your hair by heating it too much with your styling tools.

“Make sure your hot tools have temperature controls and stick within the low to medium settings,” says Dr. Oz on

“Also, be sure to use a heat-protecting styling aid to buffer the damage caused by hot tools.  In fact, try skipping a day or two of heat styling entirely each week to give your haystack a much-needed rest.”

Click n Curl not only
saves you time & money,

How does Click n Curl protect your hair from heat damage?

♥   Click n Curl allows you to dry and style at the same time
– so you don’t have to use a heat source twice  for drying and styling.

♥   The vented brushes allow for quicker heating and drying,
which greatly reduces the time it takes to style, thus minimizing the
amount of heat you put on your hair.

♥   You can reduce the frequency you use your hairdryer because your
Click n Curl body will stay in your hair for days, if properly cared for! All you have
to do is skip washing your hair in the shower. (This also has the added benefit of
giving your scalp and hair follicles a rest, and may help to reduce residue build-up
from shampoo and styling products!)

When you style your second-day (or, if you’re brave, third-day!) Click n Curl hair,
there are a few tricks to make your mane look full and fresh.

 messypontailTips for amping up your Second-Day Click n Curl hair:

  • Use a spray-on or powdered dry shampoo if you’re feeling greasy.
    (We like Ambiance powdered dry shampoo, which has a handy brush for flawless application.)
  • Use a spritz spray on your palms and scrunch your hair with your fingertips at your root to re-volumize.
    Smooth down any stray strands and your hair will look fresh.
  • Do a big ponytail! You will still have plenty of bounce and body, so putting your second-day hair in a ponytail will look great! Putting your second-day Click n Curl hair in a messy ponytail doesn’t have to be hard! Visit for some great messy ponytail tutorials.
  • And, we know we don’t need to tell you this, but trimming your hair helps to keep your main looking sleek and even. Uneven hair and split ends create a choppy, unkempt look no matter how hard you try to style it.

Do you have any second-day hair care tips? Let us know in the comments below and we can feature your tips in our blog.

Happy curling!



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