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The Gift Guide for Those with an Inner Unicorn

By November 6, 2017Blog
Graphic for "Gift Guide for those with an inner unicorn"

There’s a unicorn in all of us…some just are more rainbow-y than others. Just admit…you probably have a mitt-full of these unique species in your social circle. We are going to guess that these colorful-unicorn-fluffy cloud-lovers will have a wish list full of majestic items. Instead of spending countless hours searching the web, you can get all you need for that lil’ Unicorn all right here.

Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Color

For the one who NEEDS Uni-roots

Uni-roots definition: coloring just the middle part of your mane to appear unicorn-like

Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Amazon $9.44

The Official Styl Styk, A tool for parting and creating volume in your hair

For the One Who HAS Uni-roots and Needs a Zig-Zag Part to Show Them Off

Row of different brightly colored hair extensions

For Those Who Long for a Unicorn Mane

Unicorn Slippers

For the Ones Who Wish They Had Unicorn Hooves

Unicorn and Rainbows black leggings

The Perfect Unicorn Gift from Tipsy Elves

Unicorn Time Colorful Socks

For the Girl Who Needs 6 Pairs of Unicorn Socks

Rainbow Iphone Phone Case

For the One Who Talks Non-stop About Rainbows and Unicorns

Unicorn Headphones

For the Music + Unicorn lover

Over the Rainbow Bath Bombs

For the One Who Needs to Bathe in Rainbows