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Blowout inventor passes away

By December 20, 2016December 28th, 2016Blog

A woman named Rose Evansky apprenticed for a barber, eventually becoming London’s most successful female hairstylist, a field largely monopolised by men. Vidal Sassoon, a prominent British hairstylist, called Evansky “without question the top female stylist in the country and the equal of any man.” 

While the blow-dry technique has since become ubiquitous and largely taken for granted, it was only invented in 1962. In an interview in 2012, Evansky recounted the process of the invention. To straighten their hair, women in the 1960s had only one option: to sit under a large, overhead hood dryer that emitted such intense heat it was described as “frying” and “sizzling“. The process was also extremely laborious for the hairstylist.

One Friday, she was getting ready to straighten a client’s hair the usual way when she suddenly recalled a sight she encountered a few days before – that of a barber drying a man’s hair with a brush and a handheld hairdryer. She wondered why this method wasn’t used on women as well, and proceeded to experiment on her client.

While Evansky was attempting the blow-dry technique, Lady Clare Rendlesham, the editor of fashion magazine Vogue, walked in. Rendlesham returned with Barbara Griggs, the fashion editor of The Evening Standard. That afternoon, the paper ran a story on the new “blow wave,” which according to Hairdressers Journal International, “instantly earned her a reputation as one of the top hairdressers in London and went on to become the norm in hair drying.”

Evansky died on Nov 21, 2016 at the age of 94.

Source: The Middle Ground

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