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Preteen Beauty Routine – Going Back To School In Style

By September 6, 2017November 7th, 2017Blog

Whether you like it or not (it’s a bitter sweet thing), it’s that time of year again! The kids are grabbing their notebooks, pencils, and backpacks and heading to school to reunite with all their friends. It’s a new school year which means new interests and new trends.

Maybe you are noticing longer time spent in the bathroom? With the door dead bolted? And, the sudden interest of what everyone else is doing and wearing? Hello preteen years! We know that you will adore our list of beauty products that will complement your preteen’s dazzling personality. Read on, mommy…

1. Gotta Have The Best Hair.

Your “baby” is growing up fast which can mean a lot of things. Help your child become as colorful and vibrant as their personality is! Fun tools that shape your hair, like the Styl Styk, and this temporary hair color chalk from Girl Zone is trending right now, and lets your little girl express herself as she wants to. And the best part is that they can use these products all by themselves, so they can bring them with them to a friend’s house to style each other’s hair, and even in the locker room.

2. Spa-Day-At-Home Essentials.

It’s important, even at a young age, to learn how to relax when there’s stress. And what young lady wouldn’t love a little spa day with bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles?? We searched the web, and found nummy Birthday Cake Bath Bombs and Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay face masks that will for sure leave your ‘tween pampered and happy.

3. Styling Tools Against Bullying.

By this age, your “pre-queen” is wanting to become a pro at styling her own hair. Help them out by purchasing this colorful, fun blow dryer from John Paul Mitchell, along with this John Paul Mitchell Neon texturizing spray for their beauty routine. These products are from the all-new Anti-Bullying line from John Paul Mitchell. The blow dryer, (which, P.S., has a matching flat iron) is a never-before-seen product releasing this month (we have all the hookups 😉)

Check out Paul Mitchell’s Stand Against Bullying Here

4. Preteen Beauty Queen.

We remember being tweens once, having awesome beauty starter kits like this Two-Faced well-rounded makeup compact, or this full-on manicure kit from Kiss. But, let’s just admit it; these kits (and all of our beauty supplies) mostly ended up in our Caboodles. 😉 And…great news for all of you Caboodle lovers: they’re definitely making a comeback. Get this “On-The-Go Girl” one for your daughter; she’ll love you.

5. Stay Fresh.

Whether your Preteen is into sports after school, or just had a long busy day, she will love something to help her freshen up. We encourage the use of these Clean & Clear oil facial wipes and also these Nunzio Anti-Frizz hair sheets. These will help keep your daughter feeling fresh and renewed throughout her school day and after. And, another major perk is that these fresher-upper packs fit nicely in a backpack pouch.