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Quick Tips on Styling Thin Hair

By April 7, 2015Blog

Love your thin hair! 

Thin hair isn’t a bad thing. It can be a lot easier to manage than a super thick mane.

Sure, you probably can’t get that mermaid hair look without extensions, but you can still have hair that other people appreciate and envy – so long as you take care of it properly and know what practices to avoid.

We have compiled a short list of some important things to consider when cutting and styling your thin hair.
See our infographic below!

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Cut & Style thin hair
Tips n Tricks

1. Choose the right haircut to flatter thin hair

• A short, classic bob >> Low maintenance and versatile!
Disguises thinning hair and/or skimpy areas at the crown or back of
the head. Add full side-swept bangs to camouflage a waning hairline.
• A short, choppy bob >> Tousel and texture!
Add irregular length layers and texture for the illusion of fuller hair.
• A mid-length shoulder-grazing angled cut >> Sleek movement!
This is the perfect length for thin hair if you desire a longer look.
• A short, layered crop with bangs > > Sophisticated and sexy!
Perfect for graceful necks and anglular jaw-lines. Disguides a
thinning front hairline with bangs!

2. Use the right blow dry technique

• Dry quickly & on HIGH HEAT
• Use your fingers, not a brush, when drying.
• Dry your hair to 80% dry BEFORE applying styling product.
• Polish the ends with a round or flat brush.

3. Apply the right styling product

• Use lightweight volumizers – spray, mousse or lotion.
• You must avoid all waxes, gels, pastes, polishers, styling creams, shine boosting mists and silicone serums.
• Allow product to absorb into your hair for 2 minutes & finish drying.
• Finish with lightweight hairspray to add texture and a coolshot from blowdryer to bring out the shine.