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Owning the office in your 20s

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4 tips to look the part when you’re the office newbie

Sometimes when you’re 20-something, you feel like the office child. You ride this emotional line of feeling psyched that you actually landed a job, and yet, at the same time, feeling like that little freshman entering college all over again. Your co-workers seem to be sooooo far down that road of life and you’re back on training wheels. Debra in accounting has an established family, her third on the way; Janice in HR just bought a vacation home…and the best small talk you can come up with is last night’s Family Guy episode.

You can’t help that you’re young and you shouldn’t wish the years away to play catch-up. But one way to nip the feeling that you’re sucking your thumb is to alter your outer appearance. You don’t have to change who you are, but playing dress up doesn’t hurt.

Four tips to feel empowered in the office: Read More

Click n Curl customer’s product idea added to line, available now!

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Click n Curl customer and stand creator, Kismet Collins

About the creator:  A mostly-retired physician, never-will-retire mom and wife, Kismet Collins loves the outdoors, children, dogs, fixing things and solving problems. Kismet had always blow-dried her hair using multiple traditional round brushes, the awkward technique where handles stick out every which way while cooling. While searching for a product that would ease her hair woes, she found Click n Curl and said she’s loved it ever since! Read More

Casual Panache, Inc. announces contest for Wisconsin youth

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Casual Panache, Inc. to award large scholarship to driven student

A small business turned international empire is looking to give back to the community and encourage young women who show entrepreneurial promise.

Along the lines of a popular TV show, Casual Panache, Inc.’s Tadpole Tank is looking for youth to enter in an upcoming competition in which the winner can receive an educational scholarship of up to $1,500! And in the “Tadpole Tank,” every contestant will walk away with a monetary winning of some size for their education! Read More

Blowout inventor passes away

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A woman named Rose Evansky apprenticed for a barber, eventually becoming London’s most successful female hairstylist, a field largely monopolised by men. Vidal Sassoon, a prominent British hairstylist, called Evansky “without question the top female stylist in the country and the equal of any man.”  Read More