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Stop thinning hair naturally!

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Many people suffer from thinning hair, but there are practices that can help reverse this unfortunate malady. Below are a few easy tips to stop thinning hair naturally, brought to you by Click n Curl.

stop thinning hair naturally

Stop thinning hair naturally, brought to you by Click n Curl



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Stop thinning hair naturally!

Are you one of the many men and women who suffer from thinning hair?  There are many causes for this unfortunate malady, such as genetics, age, hormonal changes, breakage and over use of hair product.

You can slow – and even stop – thinning hair naturally. Follow these simple steps and you’ll see positive results in the health of your hair!

Keep Your Scalp’s Roots CLEAN
The hair follicle will die and thin – and eventually fall out. Don’t shampoo too often, especially if your hair tends to be dry and brittle; it may cause breakage and thinning.

Love Your Scalp
Dedicate time to it. Treat your hair with natural ingredients, such as raw coconut oil, olive oil, or even avocado and oatmeal. Treatments such as this open follicles and encourage new hair growth.
Avoid chemical treatments such as dying & perms, since they weaken the hair shaft and cause thinning and breakage.

Use the Right Product
Many products can clog your pores and cause follicle irritation, so look for products without chemicals and phthalates, etc.
Remember: Don’t Over Brush Your Hair – this will definitely thin and damage your hair. Try using soft boars hair brushes for a gentler brush.

Cut It Right
A good haircut can add instant life and a lush illusion to hair. Long layers give fullness, thickness and body to a hairstyle.

Take Vitamins
Research multi-vitamins that support hair and nail growth. Make sure to find a trustworthy brand to ensure that you’re getting high quality ingredients that will nourish your hair from within.

Eat a Balanced Diet
A poor diet can lead to hair thinning and even baldness. Along with a good multi-vitamin, you should eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. Include nutrient-rich foods such as protein, good oils and seeds.

Avoid stress
Focus on relaxation; you deserve it!



* Please note that Click n Curl suggests you consult your physician before you do any of these tips to stop thinning hair naturally. We want you to be safe, healthy and happy!


Prevent Static and Frizz

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hair static and frizz

Prevent Static and Frizz!

We all know that summer = frizz and static, and that is never a good look for anyone.

It’s always been the belief that it’s easier to go to a salon because nobody can get your hair as good as your hairstylist can – but that was before Click n Curl came around to empower women with the ability to create that coveted salon look by themselves.

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent static and frizz. make sure you are getting the best salon quality blow dry with your Click n Curl at home.

1) Where to Dry Your Hair

First, let’s talk about where you are blow drying your hair. Do you get out of the shower and blow dry your hair in the steamy bathroom?  Not a good idea.

Even though your hair may look completely dry, the moisture in the steamy bathroom air will absorb back into your hair. This may create frizz.

Instead, move this step into your bedroom!

2) Avoid the Frizz

Remove some of the moisture from your hair, even before you start blow drying. Blow drying dripping-wet hair takes a lot longer and your arms get tired.

Instead, use your towel to gently pat out as much water as you can.

TIP: DO NOT RUB YOUR HAIR with your towel. This will create more static.

Did you know that your hair is made up of cuticles (similar to scales on a fish)?  Rubbing your hair with the towel is allowing those cuticles to lay in all different directions, which creates a great base for frizz!

3) Products are vital!

Products like an oil or serum are a great way to prepare your hair for your frizz-free blow dry.  Apply these products to the middle and ends of your hair. A dime-sized amount is all you need. Using a wide toothed comb, start at the ends and working your way up to the base.

For really fine hair: also use a golf ball size of volumizing moose towards the roots of your hair.

4) Tools are important, too.

Using a diffusing nozzle on your blow dryer is crucial. The nozzle allows you to have more control over the direction the air blows down the hair shaft.

Be sure to blow down the hair and not into it.

Remember the cuticles that your hair is made up of? You want them to all overlap each other to lie smoothly. Blowing into the hair allows cuticles to stand up and lay in the wrong direction, which means frizzy locks!

5) Using Click n Curl

Now that your hair is prepared and your tools are ready, it’s time to get started.

Blow drying your hair in sections is going to help ensure that all of your hair is 100% dry, and make it easier for you to lock in your Click n Curl.

Use the size of your brush as a guide. Look at the width of the brush head. This is the size of the section you want to take. If you like, you can clip the rest of your hair away. This is going to allow you to concentrate on that section without having the rest of your hair getting mixed in.

Root: When you start blow drying, focus on the root of your hair; this is where you want the volume. You want to be pulling the hair up and out, away from your scalp, placing the brush under the hair.

(Again, make sure that you remember to blow the air towards the ends of the hair and not towards the scalp to ensure those cuticles are lying nice and smooth.)

The rest: Once you are confident that the root is 100% dry, move onto the middle of the hair shaft. When doing this you want to make sure that you are creating lots of tension in the hair. You can do this by wrapping the ends of your hair around the brush and focusing on the mid-shaft of the hair. Once you are happy with the smoothness and are confident that the mid-shaft is dry you can move onto the ends.

Roll your Click n Curl.
Once your hair is completely dry, wrap the ends around the Click n Curl barrel and roll down to the root. Your hair should wrap around the brush at least 1.5 times.

Rest the brush bristles against your scalp and give it a little shake side to side before releasing the handle. This will lock the barrel in place so it doesn’t fall out before you’re finished.

Repeat these steps until your full head is dry. To get the full result of Click n Curl, and to prevent static and frizz once you remove the rollers, it is important to ensure that you hair is 100% cool before removing.

Voila! Now you’re fabulous and frizz-free.

The body and volume last for days, but does your hair?

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dry shampoo

“The body and volume I get from Click n Curl lasts for days.” 

We hear this all the time but if you are like me, I can’t go 2 or 3 days without washing my hair because it gets oily.  I have tried many dry shampoos and have found one I just love  –  Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo! Others have been sticky and heavy and I’ve never gotten the results I hoped for.  But Ambiance is a dry power that is applied with a power brush and instantly absorbs all the oils.

It comes in Gray, Blonde, Brunette, Black and Red so it blends in perfectly. It’s not cakey or chalky!

Buy it here:

The Creator of Click n Curl to be Featured in The Mom Inventors Handbook

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mom inventor handbookWe are so very excited to announce that the creator of Click n Curl and owner of Casual Panache, Inc., Kim Nimsgern, is going to be featured in The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing by best-selling author Tamara Monosoff! The latest edition of Monosoff’s book, The Mom Inventors Handbook gives step-by-step advice to do-it-yourself entrepreneurs on how to create, fund, market, distribute and sell their products. Kim used Monosoff’s first book to help create and find a market for the Click n Curl, and is very passionate about Monosoff’s work.

In The Mom Inventors Handbook, Kim, along with many other successful entrepreneurs, offer personal resources and advice to readers in order to help motivate fellow creative minds who strive to bring their own ideas into reality. “I have been asked countless times, ‘how did you do it?’” Kim says, smiling and holding a copy of Monosoff’s original book. “I am honored to have been given the opportunity to share in Tamara’s book some of the key things I have discovered along the way. With so many new recourses and tools available today, I am thrilled that Tamara has written this book to help others navigate the process and very excited to be included.”

With the help of Monosoff and resources like The Mom Inventors Handbook, Kim was able to develop her concept into a retail product. Since the launch of Click n Curl in September 2012, it has been featured on the likes of the NBC Today Show, the Rachael Ray Show, New York Live, Good Morning Arizona, Good Morning Dallas; in magazines including Oprah, Allure, Hair Cut & Style, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide and BIOUS. “It is so rewarding seeing my vision become a reality,” Kim continues. “What started out as an idea is now a patented product being sold internationally. The process has been truly fascinating and the enthusiasm and positive feedback for Click n Curl from my customers has been extremely rewarding.”

Get your copy of Tamara Monosoff’s newest edition of The Mom Inventors Handbook on April 2nd, 2014!

Click n Curl Demonstration Video Premier

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Just released! Check out the new Click n Curl Demonstration Video and meet the star, Rachel, my stylist from Rejuvenate Salon and Spa.

Click n Curl/Kim: Rachel, thank you for starring in the video!  You did a fabulous job and have been a tremendous support throughout the process of bringing Click n Curl from concept to a reality. I really can’t thank you enough.

Rachel: I’ve loved seeing this whole thing unfold. I’m so happy for you! Thanks for letting me be a part of the excitement!

Click n Curl/Kim: I just know that people who see the video are going to be asking, “Who is that?” So let’s tell them a little bit about you – ok?  How long have you been a stylist?

Rachel: Seven years.
Read More

Achieving Kate Middleton’s Elegant, Princess-Worthy Hair Just Got Easier

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how-to-do-the-kateLaura Heller and posted a great DIY called How to Do ‘The Kate.’  Heller concedes that achieving Kate Middleton’s elegant, princess-worthy hair takes just a few simple steps and basic tools. Good news everyone, with Click n Curl, it just got even easier!

The pictorial post features Charles Ifergan, a top Chicago stylist, who says that getting Kate’s look is all about “volume, volume, volume.” He achieves the volume by using several round brushes (handles dangling and all) and suggests that you leave them in your hair (dangling handles and all) until you’ve finished your make-up and the curls have cooled.

With Click n Curl, you can get the same results, but you don’t need a drawer full of round brushes and you don’t have to contend with all of the handles.  Click n Curl is the fast and easy way to get professional styling results at home.

Until now, women and stylists have needed to find other, more cumbersome ways to create the looks that Wet Set Brush Rollers were designed to achieve.