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4 Tips to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

By January 5, 2013February 11th, 2016Uncategorized

3) Get Dressed Quicker

Messy Rack vs Clean Rack

Wardrobe organization is key.

Here’s an example where spending an hour in advance will save you days’ worth of rummaging through your closet and piles of clothes.

  • Organize your closet according to style and purpose.

    Divide your closet in two: Work and Leisure. Same goes for footwear: Group boots together, and flats and sandals together.

  • Keep your accessories together.

    Group accessories together and store them on hangers or in baskets.

  • Pick out your outfits for the week on Sunday.

    Daily Mom suggests picking out clothes for the kids in advance, but this suggestion is logical for everyone! Spending 20 minutes Sunday night will make your weekday mornings that much simpler and less hectic.

TIP: Check out the forecast to select weather-appropriate outfits, which is super easy to do now that you’ve organized your closet!

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