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Before and After picture of showing a model using traditional round brushes for a DIY blowout style versus the ease of using the Click n Curl Blowout Brushes with detachable handles.

Blowouts: Old School vs. New Rule

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The days of time-consuming blowouts are over. Pins just give you curls. A head full of round brushes is totally inconvenient. Pop cans…who has the skill to pull that off? Velcro rollers? Goodbye 1980’s blowout techniques. Read on to see how these hair “tools” stack up against the revolutionary Click n Curl.

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Graphic for "Trending 2017 Kohls Gift Guide"

This is What You Should Buy w/ Your Next Kohl’s Coupon

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Every couple months, that Kohl’s coupon arrives in your mailbox, and then the questions start racing in your mind about what do you need, what do you want, what can you buy that will save you the most money. Especially now that the holidays are right around the corner, you will need to reconsider these questions for what to get your loved ones (or what you should tell your loved ones to get you 😉 ). Browse our Kohl’s Gift Guide to start putting your next coupon wish list together. 

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Model packing for a trip, including a box of Click n Curl Full Medium Blowout Brushes

7 Unique Hair Essentials When You Are Planning To Dip Out

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You deserve to take that trip with your girlfriends to Cape Cod for the weekend. Or how about that long getaway to Europe with you SO. Either way, traveling is supposed to be detoxing from your everyday life and the stress that comes along with it. We don’t know about you, but there’s this lingering stress of not only what to pack when traveling, but how to pack. Often times it’s our bulky and numerous hair products that steal all that extra space. Here’s our guide to traveling light with all the haircare essentials and without that pestering stress that usually comes with it.

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Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

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4) Apply Makeup Faster

Woman doing morning routine applying lipstick

To apply makeup faster: Keep it simple.

Daytime makeup should be light and “barely there.” 

Makeup Geek suggests picking your “top three most important things.” Skip the rest.

In a pinch, enhance your best features.  This allows you “to focus on those parts of your face you want to highlight,” says Makeup Geek.


Apply mascara and a splash of light eye shadow.

Save the elaborate eye makeup for evening, when the light is dimmer and you need more definition.

Eek! Dark eye makeup in bright lighting can make you look older.

TIP: Clean your mascara brush the night before.
Your mascara will coat much quicker and more evenly.


Rinse your face with cold water.
This wakes up your skin, tightens your pores and reduces surface oil.

Use foundation to even out your skin tone only if you need it. 

TIP: Save even more time. Wash your face in the shower beforehand.

Touch Ups

It’s unnecessary to apply all your makeup at home.
Example: if you drink coffee, don’t apply your lipstick until later.

TIP: Pack a small makeup bag that fits in your purse for touch-ups at work.

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4 Tips to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

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Numerous objects spilling out of purse

BONUS TIP: Prepare for Departure the Night Before

How many mornings have you forgotten where your keys are, or forgotten something at home? A bit of organization the night before always saves time. Here are a few habits you can incorporate the night before to ensure that your exit is flawless.

  • Designate a DO NOT FORGET station near the door.

Put your keys, purse/wallet/briefcase, etc, near the door. Getting into the habit of putting essentials in the same place every day will virtually eliminate the chance you would misplace them.

  • Hang your clothes in the bathroom before you shower.

    The steam will relax wrinkles, and your clothes will be immediately accessible.

  • Clean your coffee maker the night before.

    Washing out the coffee pot is yet another hassle you don’t need to deal with in the morning.

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4 Tips to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

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1) Cut Your Showering Time in Half

A Stopwatch

Set a timer for 5 minutes.

We know. You’re not a child, and nobody likes to be micromanaged – but it’s the little things that add up to a 20-minute shower.

Most people think they only shower for 5 minutes, but in reality, it’s more like 10 or 15 minutes. Setting a timer will drastically reduce your shower time (and bonus: think of all that water you save).

TIP: Listen to music instead.

If you prefer to wake up with tunes, pick your favorite 5-minute Wake-Up And Dance song on your MP3 player. Challenge yourself to finish your shower before the song ends.

TIP: Try showering the night before.

Sleep with your hair bundled on the top of your head, or try this t-shirt trick to keep your hair from getting frizzy and reduce breakage as you sleep.

To style your hair in the morning: just comb out your hair and then moisten your hair with a spray bottle full of water before you apply product.

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4 Tips to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

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2) Cut Hairstyling Time in Half

Style with Click n Curl

Styling with Click n Curl in the morning takes literally minutes, and minimizes the amount of time you would spend on your hair.

Forget drying your hair and THEN styling it. With Click n Curl, you can dry and style your hair at the same time, which could eliminate 10 – 15 minutes out of your styling routine.

TIP: Save even more time while the rollers are cooling (AKA, while the curls are “setting”) and put on your makeup.

Use the right product 

Select a heat protectant + blowout spray product. This will make your blowout (your Click n Curl style) look fuller and last longer.

Leave your hair alone

Don’t touch your styled hair! If you’re good at leaving your hair alone throughout the day, your blowout could last two days or more! Just use dry shampoo on day 2 instead of washing and re-styling your hair. Smooth out any flyaway strands with a boar’s hair brush and light hairspray, and you’re ready to go.


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