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4 Tips to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

By January 5, 2015February 11th, 2016Uncategorized
Numerous objects spilling out of purse

BONUS TIP: Prepare for Departure the Night Before

How many mornings have you forgotten where your keys are, or forgotten something at home? A bit of organization the night before always saves time. Here are a few habits you can incorporate the night before to ensure that your exit is flawless.

  • Designate a DO NOT FORGET station near the door.

Put your keys, purse/wallet/briefcase, etc, near the door. Getting into the habit of putting essentials in the same place every day will virtually eliminate the chance you would misplace them.

  • Hang your clothes in the bathroom before you shower.

    The steam will relax wrinkles, and your clothes will be immediately accessible.

  • Clean your coffee maker the night before.

    Washing out the coffee pot is yet another hassle you don’t need to deal with in the morning.

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